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 Industry needs designers who possess updated designing skills along with good communication & presentation skills too. Industry doesn't require those designers who unnecessarily explain & give justification about his/her design work?

World Design Education Bodies cannot deny the “GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile” Diploma Certificate of Fashion/Apparel or Textile Design and its Associate Degree of 2 years, which carries highest skillful knowledge and actual practice weight, since 1995.
SUMMER VACATION WORKSHOP OF GIFT FOUNDATION COURSE: Design, Craft and Art 2014, FEE: Rs.25000/- with All learning materials and folios, means BURDENLESS learning with Confidence.
Course detail is mention underneath for PERUSAL.
Summer workshop 1st batch admission will Begin from 25th march to 7th April 2014 and for 2nd batch 25th April 2014 onwards. For course details click shown links
Course text, work and working photos and Design Arts Picture plates and for updates click this link for understanding.
20 Student/Batch will be given admission due to individual teaching, age group 12-52 yrs.
Course duration is approximate 40 days/125 Hrs and should be completed in 2 months only.
Course fee is 50% less than actual in down payment, with all learning materials and folios as per gift policies, teaching methods and mission, for fee click shown link www.giftfeestructure.blogspot.inThis is only for summer course and this facility will get closed in last day of April for all initial batch” Best learner will get 25% teaching fee refunded by Cheque as/Gift Educ. Means more gain.
For more details about Gift Design Education for Fresh Learners Perusal click shown links: for students art work shows and sales, for western garments, for fashion course and garments, for textile embroidery for multi task, for designer sari, for fashion conceptualization and illustration, for textile, Website: E-mail: and Address: White Cross Building, 15 Patel Society, Near CII Building, Panchvati, Gulbaitekra Road, Ahmedabad 380006, GUJARAT INDIA, Phone: +91 079 26463702 Mobile: +91 09825698294
“This is FIRST TIME on Fresh Learners Demand Gift is conducting summer workshop”
Above mention all details is only for summer workshop foundation art and craft purpose
SUMMER VACATION WORKSHOP OF GIFT FOUNDATION COURSE IN AHMEDABAD FEE: Rs.25000/- with learning materials and folios, means BURDENLESS learning with Confidence.
“125 Hours in 35 to 40 days in 2 months, learning”
“Carry home after learning, learnt work of value design, worth above Approximate 1 Lac, as learnt work folios and Art frames”
Summer workshop:
Performing arts of crafts
Holidays programme of arts and crafts
Gift summer camps of arts and crafts
Gift pencil shading arts and style
Gift pen and ink ornamental arts and style
Gift black and white Mexican and African arts and style
Gift summer workshops is not for children below 12 years age
Gift stencil air brush painting workshop
Gift fancy fan cut painting workshops
Gift design, arts and craft centre
Gift water colour painting workshop
Gift embossing and painting arts and crafts workshop
Gift textile resist style crafts and arts workshop
Gift Life and fashion accessory crafts workshop
Summer workshop of design in Ahmedabad
Summer workshop of art in Ahmedabad
Summer workshop of craft in Ahmedabad
Summer workshop of design and art in Ahmedabad
Summer workshop of design and craft in Ahmedabad
Summer workshop of art and craft in Ahmedabad
Summer vacation workshop:
Summer vacation workshop of design in Ahmedabad
Summer vacation workshop art in Ahmedabad
Summer vacation workshop craft in Ahmedabad
Summer vacation workshop design and art in Ahmedabad
Summer vacation workshop design and craft in Ahmedabad
Summer vacation workshop art and craft in Ahmedabad
Learn in Gift workshop, as above mention in Gift summer workshops.
Art and Craft Hobby Summer Vacation workshop, onward 25th March to 25th April of every year in Gift, with learning materials and folios, means BURDENLESS learning with Confidence. “Duration 125 Hours means 35 to 40 days learning in 2 months” “Carry home  after learning, learnt work of value, worth above approximately 1 Lac in folios and frames” In workshop learn colour transparent character surface designing, water colour, ornamental design on paper and fabric, embossing surface and painting, stencil and air brush painting and pencil shading under craft and art hobby as Gift Foundation course, for detail see shown link

GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile Ahmedabad by Khalid

World Design Education Bodies can deny the “GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile” Diploma Certificate of Fashion/Apparel or Textile Design, which carries highest skillful knowledge weight, since 1995.
Uploaded date 14th Feb 2014
World Design Education Bodies can deny the “GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile” Diploma Certificate of Fashion/Apparel or Textile Design, which carries highest skillful knowledge weight, since 1995.
Almost after 20 years professional practice of teaching, individually to Gift Students, Gift NGOs is able to announce that, from academic year of 2014 -2015, Gift Students can do One year Professional Fashion/Apparel or Textile Design Diploma [total learning hours 850 to 930, for diploma course in presence of Gift teachers] or they can do in Two year Fashion/Apparel or textile Professional Associate DEGREE [total learning hours 850 to 1200 for degree in presence of Gift Faculty in institute and 700 hours minimum for Industrial exposure/training/practice].
GIFT NGOs Professional Degree Learning means: Gift appropriate design course abstract, Individual Professional Design Project, Professional Practice in appropriate Industry, Research and beside Gift Course abstract learning, all learn work should be documented properly in three copy, which means 1 for each, learner, Gift and associate university, then Gift will provide them Associate Degree, which means Gift NGOs learners will learn Designing 100% in Gift Institute and 100% they will practice in appropriate industry, but Gift NGOs Faculty will monitor fully, that means the Design Course will be completed in two phase equally, such as 50% time for learning in Gift and 50% time for Industrial Practice and this year Gift learner need not to pay for Industrial Phase Practice and Learning to Gift, which means the FEE remain same for learning at Gift as per Gift fee structure, till then there is no change.
GIFT NGOs will begin 2 years DEGREE Design education programme with 25 Students only this year. Admissions open as per ATOM SIZE GIFT NGOs norms.
NID proudly says that, GIFT ATOM concept is NIDIANS Khalid A Rafique.


Institute of Design,
Textile Surface Designing in Ornamentation style of Gift Educational Learning.
Indian Ethnic Women Garment Neck Line Embroidery Design Concept By Gift Student Ms Sona Nemichand Chopra Date: November 2013, is for UNIVERSAL TEXTILE DESIGN STUDENTS Learning. copyrights by Sona. From GIFT GANDHI NGO Design Education, GIFT: Gandhi Institute of fashion and Textile, Ahmedabad-Gujarat-India.

NECK YOKE and PANEL Embroidery Design Concept for Indian Ethnic Garment by Sona Nemichand Chopra Ahmedabad 

25th December 2013 by Sona Nemichand Chopra, Sona, Chopra, Sona Chopra


Historically, it is quite difficult to trace, in which part of the world was the art of embroidery invented. Certainly when King Suleman learned the art of Coat making for himself than to his troops, that was the first sewing art described historically. While sewing the cord, threads got entangled in a decorative style on the outer side of the garment and that mistake was the invention of embroidery which is quite different to the other part of the history of versatile human habitats. Till today no text is available which clearly shows the invention of embroidery art other than the above invention. Later came in the versatile names of embroidery techniques in relation to different regions and people all over the world.
Embroidery is a craft art, which adds value to textile surfaces as well as apparels in many ways but its basic nature remains to be embossed which is tactile and seen.
According to GIFT Textile Education Program methods of teaching, the practicality of embroidery craft should be taught first followed by its conceptualization for the respective embroidery style, only then will the perfection be gained for this purpose. It is simply a synchronization of craft and design where both the needs are essential to be taken care of, by the designer.
The fresh learner at GIFT is taught the following embroideries to clear their mind about utilization of space through the stitches as running stitch and its variations, stem stitch, back stitch, chain stitch and its variations, lazy-daizy and its variations, cross stitch, herringbone and its variations, fly stitch, web stitch, coral stitch, various kind of couching styles button hole and blanket stitch, and many more variations. This helps to conceive ideas for its conceptualization in relation to various forms like that of the earth’s paradise nature, geometry, abstract, creature and its variations of the stitches according to the enhancement of the design because these are a subject of value addition to Textile, as well as Apparel Design.
GIFT teaches conceptualization and Final Design Drawing for the subject of Embroidery for Hand as well as Machine Embroidery. When this workmanship merges with the abstract designs, the work is highly appreciated by industries since it is unique and has its own style of development which is taught only at Gandhi GIFT NGO. Unfortunately this kind of learning has also not been seen in some learned designers who are in the field of embroidery since ages. That is why at GIFT this in depth understanding of the subject gives them more earning and recognition.
Further at GIFT, they learn to draw and compose countless small “boutis”, while drawing inspiration from earth’s paradise such as from nature’s leaves, flowers, stems, thorns, and buds, and also learn to set them in a perfect repeat flow, in a very short span. Other such endless forms can be objects of nature like, fruits, insects, reptiles, small version of animals, birds etc and manmade objects are incorporated in the above learning with empirical methods. All this work is regularly checked and corrected by GIFT faculty which shows the power of handling their subjects at GIFT that simply cannot be compared with others.
The above learning, in a single unit is also used in various styles for ornamenting surfaces of Textile and Apparel Design.
After learning the above, the students learn to convert the above mentioned concepts into designs used in panels, yokes, sari borders and “pallu” and later transform these into embroidery.
Once they learn to draw accurate forms of controlled size for the embroidery concepts in any style, it boosts the confidence level of each learner due to which their further education at GIFT, especially in Textile Print Design and Jewellery Design becomes much simpler for them.
The hard truth is that in today’s time, the well known Fashion Designers globally are not able to draw and conceptualize as above mentioned. This is because they are unfortunately not so lucky to be associated with GIFT, because it is seen over the years that the GIFT graduates realize this strength and certainly value it more than others today.
Similarly while begging, if we recall our entire life till today, we find that there are many instances that each of us have begged in our life. Firstly, from parents, close relatives, neighbors etc, either for humanitarian good or professionally that even we cannot remember. In the above manner each GIFT learner gains knowledge in his life where sky is not the limit, all by the grace of God Almighty.
Initially Prof. Khalid was in a dilemma whether to add this course content in the Textile Course Abstract, because no institute inspite of having their kind of fame and recognition, taught like GIFT. Over the years Prof Khalid has continued meditation and practice in learning and teaching the above stated examples. So, at GIFT, since 1995, it becomes much simpler for the students and their family to enjoy their life with knowledge which they can practice professionally.